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A Note From Daniel....

Daniel's Image Welcome to the everythingDaniel network. This project started in 2005 with a vision to create a simple, fun and family-friendly website. Today in 2012 We have expanded to many fully developed sites, with one site being Amusement Radio, which was the precursor to the studios.

Hi, my name is Daniel, I am twenty-two years old and currently reside in Orlando, Florida. Web development has been a side hobby of mine for quite some time. However, most time and energy has gone into the studios with audio and video editing. Thanks for stoping by and checking out the network!

The Network
The main landing page of the network. A guest may select to visit the studios, or the network about. This was my very first site originally; this has been a full-featured site, and now it is down to this one-page listing.
My personal blog, random thoughts and posts about nothing too important.
The creative aspect of the network, a place where one may order audio and video projects.
Amusement Radio is a 24/7 online radio station completely dedicated to the amusement industry. Content is delivered in a fun and dynamic manor.
This website is for a dynamic and energetinc lightshow the is syncronized with 56 channels of complete computer control. The Christmas Adventure has just begun, are you ready?

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